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 ◇fishing on water◇2005/5/1
 ◇Lake hibara(前)◇2005/7/20
 ◇Lake hibara(後)
 ◇Last Bass◇2005/11/27
 ◇fish 2005◇2005/12/26
 ◇floater bassing(1)◇2006/5/5
 ◇floater bassing(2)
 ◇bass fishing◇2006/5/15
 ◇small mouth in lake hibara◇2006/6/7
 ◇Expensive fish?◇2006/9/20
 ◇Pulling fishing◇2006/10/3
 ◇Night fishing◇2007/4/5
 ◇So-called Golden Week(1)◇2007/5/8
 ◇Last hachirogata the west◇2007/6/5
 ◇urabandai dream◇2007/6/14
 ◇The first end floater◇2007/10/2
 ◇River Bass Fishing◇2007/10/23
 ◇LASTBASS 2007◇2007/11/25
 ◇Banana diet 調査編◇2008/10/5
 ◇monao cup 2009◇2009/7/24

 ◇First meeting and reunion(1/2)◇2006/9/27
 ◇First meeting and reunion(2/2)
 ◇Challenge to the unknown one◇2007/3/30
 ◇So-called Golden Week(2)◇2007/5/10
 ◇So-called Golden Week(3)◇2007/5/10
 ◇single fishing◇2007/6/25
 ◇shakugami banban◇2007/8/2
 ◇Present from god in river◇2007/9/23
 ◇続Challenge to the unknown one◇2008/4/11
 ◇Trout of spring◇2008/5/9
 ◇Red river's memory◇2008/6/10
 ◇Learning the river◇2008/7/4
 ◇stressless fishing◇2008/7/16
 ◇Fishing in the soft rain◇2008/8/1
 ◇Butterfly dance◇2008/8/28
 ◇Fishing under the road◇2008/9/30
 ◇The last holiday in September(1)◇2008/10/21


 ◇Jewel of brook◇2006/5/2
 ◇Rosecolor scale(1)◇2006/5/11
 ◇hometown brook fishing◇2006/5/17
 ◇Rosecolor scale(2)
 ◇small fishing on rainy day(1)◇2006/5/28
 ◇small fishing on rainy day(2)
 ◇little fish in the evening◇2006/9/3
 ◇New Year's Eve fishing◇2006/12/31
 ◇So-called Golden Week(4)◇2007/5/11
 ◇Zacco fishing◇2007/10/22
 ◇Autumn zacco◇2008/11/15
 ◇里の春 ザッコ釣り◇2009/5/23

 ◇Jewel of lake◇ 2005/3/21
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